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Whether you library needs  cleaning & organization, or  a complete overhaul, Leveille-Bonner can help.  We will be happy to meet to discuss your options and needs. Sorting and organizing  the library was never so easy. We can even coordinate vendors to pick up any unnecessary materials.

We can set your library based on CSI division, or even discuss product adjacency that would allow ease of selection by your design staff.


After your library is organized, a rotating schedule is set for regular maintenance. No need for that  orderly space to become all cluttered again.   We offer a variety of flexible scheduling options and frequency is up to you.  We are here to suit your needs.

With Leveille-Bonner's vast network of manufacturer representatives, we schedule manufacturer updates during our maintenance visits so you are assured that discontinued material is kept to a minimum.  


Leveille-Bonner will coordinate inspiring displays and product presentations which will pivot your library to the next level.

There's no need for your staff to be interrupted by taking sales calls and presentation requests.  Let Leveille-Bonner do that for you and maximize your billable time by allowing your staff to focus on the client and the design.

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